Tom Shea

Programmer, engineer and hobby roboticist. Lead R&D Engineer at Verve Foundry.

Expertise in:

Born and raised in Gaithersburg, MD. Currently operating out of Verve's D.C. office.



Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is an "Accelerated Game Development Event" - a 48-hour game jam where competitors build games from scratch given a community-voted theme.
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Whistle Command

Theme: "An Unconvential Weapon"

Out of 1353 other entries:

  • First place in Innovation
  • First place in Theme
  • 13th place in Fun
  • 31st place in Overall


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Theme: "Two Button Controls / Growing"

Out of 1636 other entries:

  • 16th place in Mood
  • 46th place in Theme


  • Music by bbatv from the album PEACE is king here.
  • ES2016 transpiled with Gulp, Babel and Browserify
  • Efficient hybrid canvas / SVG rendering system for sprouting plants and leaves
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Theme: "Entire Game On One Screen"

Out of 1364 other entries:

  • 157th place in Mood
  • 187th place in Fun


  • Incremental gameplay inspired by incremental games like Cookie Clicker
  • Minimalist design built out of simple primitives
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Verve Foundry™

Verve is a mobile advertising company, and Verve Foundry is the creative services group that designs and builds unique, custom advertisements for clients who want high-impact "meaningful, memorable, and magical moments."

As the Lead R&D Engineer, I research, prototype and develop new ad products and development tools. Every ad that Verve has created over the last two years is built on my code and utilities, but I also create rich media advertisements myself:

Lincoln Continental Canopy OnScroll

Canopy OnScroll is the name Verve uses for a combination of two techniques that I built. The first is Canopy, a method to allow for ads to harmlessly overlay content on top of the app content behind them, while not blocking user interaction with the app. This required making changes to our advertising SDK, and works only on publishers that implement the Verve SDK. The other technique is OnScroll, which uses an API built into the Verve SDK to respond to users scrolling in the app (e.g. in a news feed).

The combination is Canopy OnScroll, a highly engaging but minimally intrusive ad product, with very good interaction rates that keep both clients and users happy. This Lincoln build features a car that rotates as the user scrolls, and grows out of the banner area.

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California Tobacco Control Canopy OnScroll

Another example of Canopy OnScroll, built for the California Tobacco Control Program. As the user scrolls, the cigarette and smoke move with the scrolling. (In the demo link, scrolling isn't implemented - instead the animation plays automatically.)

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