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Who I am

I'm a programmer, engineer and hobbyist roboticist. I write clean, understandable and maintainable code, but it's not enough to just write good code -- I'm great at communicating, whether it's one-on-one conversations or company-wide presentations. If you're building something on the web, odds are I can help you out. Give me a call!

What I do

I'm an expert in:

Where I've worked

Senior Software Engineer, Xbox Gaming Publisher Experiences

Architected and built the brand new Microsoft Store for Xbox from scratch.

Lead R&D Engineer, VERVE FOUNDRY™

Prototyped and built new and innovative mobile ad formats, and built the technology and framework that powers Verve ads.

Front End Engineer, VERVE FOUNDRY™

Worked closely with designers and clients to build mobile ads to an exacting specification and tight deadlines.

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